For centuries, a tiny island near Venice called Murano has been
synonymous with some of the most beautiful glass in the world.
Today, designer Steve Jensen continues this tradition with his
exclusive collection of lamps, chandeliers, and accessories.

Working with master glass blowers for extended periods of time,
Steve personally oversees every phase of his collection.
Color, scale, and proportion are carefully researched for each
new production. Centuries old techniques developed only by the
Venetians are employed to ensure that his work bears the
unmistakable trademark of 'Murano'.

Glass of the highest quality is meticulously handcrafted with
24 karat gold and other precious metals making every object in
The Steve Jensen Collection not only beautiful but a
timeless investment.

Steve is an alumnus of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and was selected to
attend its European Honors Program in Rome. After graduating, he began a career in the
glamorous world of European Haute Couture and worked with some of the most famous fashion
ateliers in Rome and New York.

He created his first collection of Murano Glass over ten years ago and today his line is known
throughout the United States as an industry standard for luxury glass.

"It is a great privilege and honor to work with the amazing artisans of Murano and help carry on
the incredible legacy of this island", says Steve.

His collection is available in most major U.S. cities and in Canada.

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